Sunday, June 22, 2008

The first thing Daddy does when he comes home is tell his son how much he loves him and gives Danny a big hug. This is also nice for mom since she sometimes doesn't get to take as many breaks during the day as she might like.

Grandma was so happy to come and finally meet her first grandson. This is such a good picture!!! He obviously loves being held by his grandma.

We still are unsure what is going to happen to his hair! When we give him a bath and wash it, it is real straight, but then when it dries, this is how it looks. We both would love for him to have curly hair, even though he would hate it later on. I mean come on, chicks dig a guy with curly hair, right?

Look at how big his feet are!!! Don't let this photo fool you, he is not a fan of being put in his car seat! However, once we start driving he is just fine.

WOW!!! Three weeks after having the baby and she looks great!! This was sat b4 we blessed the Daniel. He loves being held by his mommy.

This is right after sacrament mtg when we blessed the baby. One of the family friends of the Villars came to be there for us as well. As a side note, Blake at the top left served his mission in Peru and met the Villars while they were living there.

Boy, when he gets a bath he is a handfull, but when mommy washes his hair and then puts him in the towel, he is as content as can be.

This is when mom came for the weekend we blessed Danny. She brought a swingy chair for us to set him in and he loves it!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is obviously where little danny chills most of the time. Either there or in our room. He loves to sleep on his tummy, he almost instantly goes to sleep after being fed when we lay him in this position.

This is after his first bath at home. He LOVES to have his hair washed. Everything else he hates and boy does he let us know!!!! What a little cuttie.

In just a week he opens his eyes and looks around all the time. Sometimes if you are lucky, he'll look you straight in the pierces deep when he does.
This was this past wed. when we took him to the Docter for the first time. He hates getting put into the car seat but once he is there, speak a thousand words.
This was his little bed while we were in the hospital. We were there all Sat and Sunday and left in the middle of the afternoon on monday.

Isn't he the cutest thing that you've ever seen?! He smiled on his first day here with us. Now, he smiles a lot bigger and all you can see are his gums, he is so precious.

First time grandparents....First time glimpse at how the family can grow.

He loves to suck on his hand... no finger in particular, just the whole thing!

This is when I got to actually hold my son for the first time without them needing him back every 5 secs. He was so calm once they got him in the blanket with his little hat on.
This is Jess and I right after they washed and cleaned Danny. Even after labor, Jess still looks as beautiful as ever!!