Friday, October 22, 2010

what's coming up...

So, there are a couple of things that are coming up and that I am so excited about. First, Halloween! when I was younger I only cared for the candy, as I got older I thought it was weird how people make it a huge deal... it's probably safe to say it is just as big as Christmas around here. Now that Danny is older, I feel like we can have more fun with it. He won't really be eating the candy, maybe I will let him eat a sucker... but I mean, come on, that's wayyyy too much candy for a 2 year old. I'm sure Daniel will enjoy helping out with getting rid of the candy. Here is a sneak pick of his costume (taken with Daniel's Iphone.... he loves taking pictures with his phone, the only thing I like about it is that he can get it to take pictures a lot quicker then me trying to find the camera, turning it on, and so on, it takes a lot longer, so thank goodness for Iphones! )

There are a coupe of things happening in November. I have a b-day! not too interested on the day it self, but I am excited to spend some quality time with my husband, and to hear how much he loves me all day long... although, he already does that everyday, but it doesn't hurt to hear it a couple hundred times more. Love you Dan!
Also, My mother in law is coming that weekend, so we are excited to have her here for a couple of days, wish it was longer. I am mainly excited for the kids to see her and get to know her more, I want the kids to know they have more then just one set of grandparents.
The third and most important event of the month is that my sister Karen also has a Birthday on the same month! I bug her and tell her she is getting old, even though we are only a year a part, if anything, she looks better then ever. But it's just fun to tease. That's what I do best. So! I can't wait to bug her all day long and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! over and over again! (fun fact: Karen and I are the same age for about a week and a half) She is seriously gorgeous, plus she has one of the cutest little baby girls I have ever seen, so it's always nice to see them. My sister Melanie keeps bugging me that I am getting baby hungry, so let me clarify: I AM NOT baby hungry. But it is fun to hold a tiny baby! It's also nice to hold a baby who doesn't scream at me or tries to wrestle me. I love Naomi! PLUS we also have Three more B-day's this month, My uncle Javier, and both of Daniel's brothers have a birthday! it's a busy month.

Oh.. I guess there is one more thing, Thanksgiving Day, oops, I almost forgot.

For December I most definitely do not look forward the snow and the cold at all. I realize there are people who enjoy "the beautiful white mountains and streets.." I think that's great! Personally, the winter makes me depressed, everything that was green is now dead, the kids will be bored because even thought I will try to take them out to play as much as I can, it won't be too often because I am not an eskimo and I can't take the cold for too long. BUT I did buy Danny appropriate clothes to play in the snow, so I do look forward to seeing him kick the snow, make snow angels, have a snowball fight, and having a nice cup of hot chocolate when we go back inside, yum!
We are going to Colorado for Christmas for the first time as a family! that should be fun. I am just crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly at the airport and on the plane. The only thing that really comforts me is that we will all be sitting next to each other, so we can switch kids when we are going crazy with one. It will be interesting so see how they behave... I wonder if Danny will be jumping off from the couch like a crazy monkey like he does here at home, sometimes when he is in the air he flips so he can land on his back, or his knees, or his head... I am surprised he hasn't broken any little bones yet. I wonder if Ne will be squeaking for ever until I pick her up, I wonder if Danny will show his grandparents his funny little dance moves. I sure hope he doesn't try to wrestle grandma... but I should warn you Judy, watch out! he really knows how to body slam someone haha. We are really hoping Grandpa Wynn comes! The kids LOVE him, and we don't get to see him often at all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random pictures

Family picture!... Vanessa is not into taking pictures very much.

I really really REALLY want one of this puppies, I love them.

My mom got Ne a Dora doll! she loves it, thank you mom!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I am greatful

After being stuck in traffic for what it seemed like for ever, I was so happy to see my babies. Danny gives me a kiss every time I ask him for one. I am so grateful for the love of my children.

Beautiful Talent!

Aren't this sooooooo beautiful?! What a talent this girl has, and I met her today!... and what do you know.. her name is Jessica! I want to buy all of them, but I should practice self control, I think I am pretty good at that after years of practicing :) I think they will make beautiful Christmas gifts, don't you think? You NEED to check out her website: