Sunday, June 21, 2009


This morning Danny and I got up before Daniel did, I had completely forgotten to buy a Father's day card so I thought we would do it in a different way:

Daniel got woken up by this little naked guy with a smiley face on his stomach. We are so grateful for Daniel, baby Danny loves to play with his daddy and loves having him around. Thanks for being a great dad Daniel!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember when he was little?

I was looking at all of the pictures we have of Danny in our computer today, and it made me feel like crying by looking at pictures of him as a newborn. He has grown so fast, I never thought I would like it but lately I am loving the fact that he is growing and maturing (as much as a year old can) and being less fussy, and being a little more independent; it makes it so much easier now that he can point at what he wants. People always talk about "the terrible two's" but we had to experience "the terrible one!" A few of days before he turned one he had become extremely dramatic and fussy and he started to hit a lot!, good thing that ended about 4 days ago, thank goodness!, we are still working on not hitting other babies or kids at church, we are not sure where he could of learned that, it's not like he is around other kids a lot, and in our Spanish branch we haven't seen kids who do that. The other day I was watching a 7 mo old baby, he started to fuss and Danny just stared at him and as soon as he started crying, Danny threw a toy at his face, a couple of toys actually, I had to run and save the baby from my own child. It makes me laugh thinking about this because if "the terrible two's" is a lot worst than this, then I am not sure how I will handle it.....good thing we have quite a few months till then. But he is not all wild, he is a very loving baby: he gives me several kisses everyday, he loves to hug me, sometimes I will be in another room for a couple of minutes and when he sees me again he acts like he hadn't seen me for a long time and runs to hug me. He laughs a lot and he loves it when we pretend that he crashed us with his little push along car ( one of his birthday gifts from Grandma Judy). He likes watching baby Einstein clips online while sitting in our laps, and he LOVES eating fruits.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Danny turned one year old

We want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, gifts, and for coming over to celebrate his first birthday with us. At the beginning of the week Danny got the stomach flu and our poor little guy was sick all week long, but during the weekend he felt much much better but still he was a little fussy. We had some family and friends over for cake and ice cream after chuch, and with the help of my family (thank you!) we put some decorations up and got the little party together. I love it when family comes over, we wish we lived closer to them and we are so greatful that they were able to come celebrate with us.

*We are sorry we are not posting more pictures of his little birthday party but our camera run out of battery at the begining so everyone else took some pictures with their own camera, I will post more pictures once they email me the ones they have!
*Here is a good video of Danny walking:

*But it looks like the chocolate cake and ice cream got Danny pretty hyper after everyone had left. It was so funny seeing him laugh so much, we didn't really do anything but anything that my brother Kevin did made him laugh. We were very grateful for uncle Kevin because that wore him out and he slept like a little angel all night long.


There was a point were Danny was laughing so hard one of his eyes started twiching!haha