Saturday, May 23, 2009

1st Hair cut/11 mo old pictures

Today Danny got his first hair cut! don't worry everybody, he still has plenty of hair. Now that the weather is becoming warmer and warmer Danny and I play outside more often, and his poor head is often hot and sweaty, even thought we thought he looked so precious with long crazy hair, he needed a hair cut, and he looks adorable with short hair! After a nap we took him to the garden at BYU-I and took some pictures. Next Sunday he turns 1 year old! we are excited to have some family and friends over for cake and ice cream.



Sunday, May 3, 2009


So we have a great update for the family, Danny is now walking! (he accomplished this about a couple of days ago, perhaps a week) He takes about 8-10 steps on his own and I am sure he could do more but he prefers it if we give him our finger or our hand to hold on to, he is a sweetie! So I guess we could say that he started to take a couple of steps at 9mo and started walking at age of 10mo old! And now he is 11mo old..WOW! We will have a little birthday party for him this month, it's going to be great!