Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our girl

I was thinking the other about all the names that we call Vanessa: Ne, Nessa, Nena, Nessa girl,  Stinker, little turkey, and of course, Vanessa.  We just love her to pieces. 

La Caille

Daniel and I went on a date to La Caille last week.  It's a gorgeous restaurant located in Sandy.  We don't go on dates as often as we use to due to our busy schedule and lack of babysitters ;) I love going on dates with Dan! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How do I teach a toddler SELF DEFENSE???


Danny had his first fight at school with a boy that wanted the same toy he was playing with.  Danny never hits and we have always taught him to be nice, to speak kind, to say thank you and please, and to never be aggressive.  The other kid just started scratching Danny's face like a wild cat because Danny would no give in and give him the toy he was using.  We were a little shock when we first saw Danny, he couldn't even make eye contact with me, it was like he felt ashamed or embarrassed.. It was really sad.  My first reaction towards was, ok the most important thing is to make him feel better and I have to talk to his teacher so that she can talk to this kid's mom.  I wasn't too upset, I was more concentrated on making Danny feel better.  I work as a Spanish teacher and I know that things happen and I knew one day he would have his first little fight, I didn't expect it to be this soon but it happened and now the next step is to teach Danny what to do when things like this happens.  So.. after teaching a child for almost 4 years to never ever be aggressive how do you teach him that depending on the situation it is OK to defend/hit ?????  This lets me know that Danny is growing up and now we need to have different kinds of "serious" talks.  But this is all part of parenting and figuring out what is the best thing for our child and I wouldn't change it for anything.  I love being a MOM. 

Ps: I took these pictures with my phone (very low quality).  After I gave Danny a bath he helped me make a cake and he wanted to put candles on the cake and pretend it was his birthday.  So he turned 450 years old.   Check out his decorating skills!



How we usually spend our Saturdays:
We wake up and have a fancy breakfast. It's nice not to be in a hurry to get to work and get the kids ready for School.  We spend the morning watching cartoons and we just stay in our pjs for a few hours.  After lunch we get ready for the day and do a bunch of activities with the kids: Puzzles, playing outside, going to parks, feeding the ducks, reading books, doing a little shopping... I love it.  I love Saturdays.  The kids are always happy on Saturdays.  I wish everyday was a Saturday. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

"I'm a princess"

We now have church at 9am.  It's a a little challenging to get to church on time sometimes but we sure try our best!  After Nessa's bath I started to brush her hair and she seemed really calm and happy that I was doing her hair, so I proceeded to blow dry her hair so that it wouldn't be too wet for church.  I just kept brushing and she was totally OK with that.  Once she saw what her hair looked like after I got done doing her hair she said: "Awww I'm a princess!!!!! Thank you mami"  She just kept spinning and saying "princess, princess, Nessa is a princess"  It wanted to post about her cuteness so that I would never forget.