Monday, December 12, 2011


Our weekend was pretty mellow, poor Danny was sick with a high fever all day on Friday, but on Saturday he was happy and smiling like always! gotta love that happy energetic boy.  Here are some pictures for the abuelos:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can you believe Ne is two?!

I LOVE this month.  Nessa girl is our little princess, she is so funny, so silly, so beautiful, and she is ours for ever and ever.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nessa's Birthday party!

Ne had a great birthday party.  I wanted to make it small because she doesn't like being around lots of people... and she doesn't like being the main point of attention... and she doesn't like other people talking to her too much... so you see, this was a challenge for me :) When we found out we were having a December baby I told Daniel that I would always make sure that her birthday was extra special because I didn't want her to feel less special because we have Christmas on the same month.  I wanted her to have just as many presents as Danny gets on his birthday, even if it meant budgeting better.  December is definitely our most expensive month ;)

On Thanksgiving dinner I told my family that they were all invited to Nessa's 15 min. birthday party.  I was serious.  15 minutes is all we had before she freaked out about having so many people over all at once.  We ended up dragging the party for 3 hours.. which was a shocker.. and she did indeed have her screaming moments.. but over all it turned out much better than expected.  We did her party the 3rd of December because on Tuesday December 6th (her actual b-day) everybody was going to be busy.  I really hope next year we can actual celebrate the kids birthdays on their actual day.

This upcoming Tuesday Nessa turns 2! she still looks like a baby to us.  Sometimes I can't believe that we are done having kids, Danny and Nessa count for 4 though so it's really more like we have 4 kids, or at least that's how I feel.  On Tuesday I am taking the day off from work and I will be taking Nessa to a few fun places.