Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dancin' danny

As you all well know, our son loves to dance! The thing is he won't dance to just any kinda music...if you know what mean. He wants something upbeat and rhythmic. Anyway, abuelo was playing some music for Danny that he just wasn't feelin', so he left to go play in abuela's drawers. But all of a sudden, abuelo put on some "good" music (music that Danny can cut the rug too) and look what happens.....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas

This Christmas was extra special because we had Vanessa to celebrate it with. We had a Christmas party on the 24th with lots of yummy food that my mom prepared; we danced, we watched movies and had family home evening were we talked about the importance of Christ in our lives, we had a great time together, and at midnight we opened presents!!! Danny didn't opened his
until the next morning on the 25th because he was asleep. It will be even more fun next year because the kids will be a little older. *Thank you everyone for your Christmas gifts, specially the ones for Danny and Vanessa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vanessa Joy Hinkson is finally here!

Ok so here is the story: I had a couple "false" labors for the past 2 weeks, and on Sunday I went to get checked at the hospital again, even though I was 4cm dialted and 80% effaced, they told me to go home because contractions were not consistent enough. But I decided to stay and walk around the hospital for an hour and have them check me after that to see if I had made some progress. Daniel went back home to put Danny to bed; 10min after he left, my water broke! AMAZING! Vanessa Joy Hinkson was born after only 3 hours of labor (horray!) at 11:26pm and her weight: 6lbs 9z, even though she was 3 weeks early, she is as healthy as can be. I am so glad to be back home, I missed Danny so much and was constanly worried about him even though I knew he was well taken care of by my family and Daniel. Daniel and I are so grateful for my family's support and for all they do to help us out when we need someone to take care of Danny. We are so blessed to have Vanessa with us, we are so grateful for extended family that was thinking about us. Thank you everybody for your love! Enjoy the pictures of our little princess.