Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Awesome Summer!

It's been amazing having warm weather! We go to the pool all the time, the kids really enjoy it. I do look forward to the fall though, Danny will be going to pre-school horray! I think that he will learn lots and it will be good for him to hang out with little guys like himself. Ne will have more one on one time with me and I can finally have laundry done before the weekend. I can't help but to feel a little strange, I feel like he should be in kinder... in Peru you start kinder at the age of 3, I went when I was 2. Oh well! I am just glad that he will be going to his little school and learn new things :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the in laws.

I am back to blogging, basically because of my in laws :) They deserve at least one post a week so they can get updates on the kids and see pictures of them too.

Danny is happy as always, playing, bothering Ne (what's new) and talking more. I was dying to put him in a soccer team this summer, some people suggested swimming lessons.. but he can do that any time of the year in an indoor pool, I want him to take advantage of the summer and go outside and run and play! We have enough of indoor activities during the winter (hate that winter.. snow.. ugh) Anyways, but I have not been able to find something! either way, even if I don't find something we will still be outside most of this summer :) gotta buy more sunscreen lotion for this kiddos! I really want to take the kids to a lake this summer, there are many here in Utah.. the only trouble is that Daniel doesn't like the heat.. but I think we will find a way to convince him to come along :)

Vanessa is a sweet cuddly girl, with lots of emotions and drama too but we just LOVE her for all that she is... um except the Drama, Daniel thinks it's funny though...She is a daddy's girl for sure! Vanessa LOVES to walk, and we (specially me) love it too. The only thing that makes me sad at the moment about her growing up, is that she won't let me do her hair anymore, she either says "ouch!!! ouch!! ouch!!" even when I have just barely touched her hair, or she "cries" and says "nooooooooo" with a really sad, heart broken voice. For the most of the week her hair looks big puffy.. like an afro! and on the weekends I try to do her hair super fast or I give her my makeup brushes (that she LOVES) and that will keep her happy until I am done fixing her hair. She looks cute anyways but it's fun to be able to dress up your only daughter... clothes, hair, jewelry, you name it. Oh! and one thing she does really like is necklaces, she only has two for now but she wants them on all the time.

Random note:.. not about the kids. But my cousin Coco is going to Peru this month with his wife to visit and I am dying on the inside! every time I hear of someone who is going back it just kills me, I want to go back with them.. of course I wouldn't leave without my beautiful little family :) Honestly though, when I do go back for a visit, it will be really really hard to come back to the US. Oh my beautiful perfect Peru!

On to other things.. I LOVE my sweet husband Daniel. His birthday is coming up and I am so sad he won't spend it with us but at the same time we are happy that he gets to go to Colorado to help with his brother's temple work. And we are REALLY happy that he will be back in time for his Father's day celebration! As all of us married people know, marriage is not easy but when you are with the right person, those challenges are so worth it! and my Daniel is so worth it, he is my best friend.

We are so happy, we are doing really well, we are all healthy and I am just excited summer is finally here.