Saturday, April 5, 2008

We took a trip down to Utah and are spending the weekend with Jess' family. Here in the pictures we are with their family Edith and Javier and their kids. As you can tell, Jess is the center of attention. Even when we walked everyone congregated around Jess immediately and I was just kinda standing there in the doorway. After about 5 minutes they were like, "oh hi, sorry we didn't mean to leave you hanging there." Whatever, I know that this is Jess' time to shine. It's never really been about the dad. HAHA.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

These are some of the shots that we took for our wedding announcements. These were taken in the gardens on the BYUI campus. I would have to say that these are definately some of our favorite photos together. We enjoy being up here in Rexburg, but sometime the extreme weather conditions are a little more than we care to deal with. Back to the pics again, our friend, Andrea Sanchez took them and I must say that she did an awesome job.

I know that every man that is married says that he is the luckiest man alive, but I have to admit that when I say it, I feel like it is more true!! Jess makes me so happy and she is always so pretty. In this picture, she is about 6 months pregnant. It is so much fun for me to put my hand on her stomach and feel my boy kick back. I know that he is telling me hello...most of the time anyway. I love to lay on Jess' shoulder and sometimes put my head on her tummy. When I do this, our son is like "hey, get up off my grill pops," and then he gives me a "punch in the face," as I would put it. Jess doesn't like it so much cause I always wake him up and then he starts dancing around inside her and that makes her a little uncomfortable, but she is really patient with me and knows that I love to feel him move.

This is from a little while ago...and if you haven't already deducted, this is from Valentine's day (we opened our things early as you can see by the date on the fotos). Jess loves See's candy, so while down in utah, I snuck away with her little brother Kevin so that I could get her a few things. Now, my wife also loves makeup! Something that she has been wanting for some time are makeup brushes from The Body Shop. Now I don't know a whole lot of things about beauty products; however, these brushes are so soft!!! Anyway, this was exciting for both of us. I think that most of the time I have just as much fun picking out gifts for Jess as she does getting the surprise. One of my personality flaws is that in all my excitement for her to see what I get her, I will tell her, "I got you something......but I'm not going to tell you what." Of coarse she hates this because as soon as I tell her, she wants to open it right away. I can normally hold out for a day :) and then give in. This is why we often open our presents early.
Obviously, this is Sunday and we are just getting ready to go to church. Melanie is the one in the front with the black and white dress and she is standing next Kevin. In the back is Jess, Karen, and their parents, Gerardo and Ana. We love going down to visit them and wish that we were actually living in Utah so that we could be closer. Just for your info, Gerardo is currently working at, Ana is working at a hospital (I am not sure what the name is), Kevin is a Sophomore in high school and loves to play soccer, Melanie is graduating this year from high school and will soon be going to college, and Karen is studying at BYU with a major in communications.

Isn't she beautiful?!!! This is Jess and I the weekend that mom came down to visit us. We both just got back from work (as you can see I still have my name card from melaleuca on... how stylish!).