Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dancin' danny

As you all well know, our son loves to dance! The thing is he won't dance to just any kinda music...if you know what mean. He wants something upbeat and rhythmic. Anyway, abuelo was playing some music for Danny that he just wasn't feelin', so he left to go play in abuela's drawers. But all of a sudden, abuelo put on some "good" music (music that Danny can cut the rug too) and look what happens.....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas

This Christmas was extra special because we had Vanessa to celebrate it with. We had a Christmas party on the 24th with lots of yummy food that my mom prepared; we danced, we watched movies and had family home evening were we talked about the importance of Christ in our lives, we had a great time together, and at midnight we opened presents!!! Danny didn't opened his
until the next morning on the 25th because he was asleep. It will be even more fun next year because the kids will be a little older. *Thank you everyone for your Christmas gifts, specially the ones for Danny and Vanessa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vanessa Joy Hinkson is finally here!

Ok so here is the story: I had a couple "false" labors for the past 2 weeks, and on Sunday I went to get checked at the hospital again, even though I was 4cm dialted and 80% effaced, they told me to go home because contractions were not consistent enough. But I decided to stay and walk around the hospital for an hour and have them check me after that to see if I had made some progress. Daniel went back home to put Danny to bed; 10min after he left, my water broke! AMAZING! Vanessa Joy Hinkson was born after only 3 hours of labor (horray!) at 11:26pm and her weight: 6lbs 9z, even though she was 3 weeks early, she is as healthy as can be. I am so glad to be back home, I missed Danny so much and was constanly worried about him even though I knew he was well taken care of by my family and Daniel. Daniel and I are so grateful for my family's support and for all they do to help us out when we need someone to take care of Danny. We are so blessed to have Vanessa with us, we are so grateful for extended family that was thinking about us. Thank you everybody for your love! Enjoy the pictures of our little princess.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Birthday!

I have not had a birthday on a Sunday for a long time, but it was a very peaceful regular Sunday, it was so nice to be surrounded by the people I love. Thank you everybody for a wonderful weekend!

*This video makes me laugh because I think everybody is only concentrated on fact, I am 99% sure that they were singing happy birthday to him not me! haha.

Baby Shower

I had a great baby shower on Saturday! My sister Karen planned it all, and with the help of my mom and my sister Melanie they made it into the funnest baby shower ever. Here are some pictures:


I know I am posting these pictures a little late but I wanted you to see some Halloween pictures of Danny. We went to the mall this year and it went well, except for the part when Danny realized that he did in fact have candy in his Halloween basket and wanted to eat all of it, so after a couple of stores he got really fussy and we went back home but at least we can tell him and show him that he did in fact have his first Halloween when he was one year old!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

An important Birthday

I just wanted to wish my wife a very happy birthday. Love, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You make me happy. There is nothing more valuable to me than my little family and I would do anything for you. Anyways, for your birthday I wrote you a sonnet. It's no Shakespeare, but I hope it conveys the way I feel about you.

November 8th

By Daniel Hinkson

It’s your birthday today, November eighth;
A day I’ve grown fond of and contemplate.
For at this time twenty-one years ago,
A child was born I’d come to love and know.
I could not imagine more perfect love;
We share what many can only dream of.
The celebration of your day of birth
Merits much more than one day on this earth.
Women like you do so much for us all,
Years wouldn’t do to commemorate y’all.
This I confess, every God-given day,
I am so grateful that you came my way,
And gave me your hand in holy marriage,
Soul-mate of mine, how blessed is my voyage.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our little Dancer

He loves to dance and spin around with any kind of music, but course he has some favorite ones that makes him go crazy all over the room, maybe one of these days we will get one of those, enjoy these little clips!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Danny is going to be Woody from the Toy Story movie for Halloween! I am so excited for us to take Danny trick or treating for the first time. We probably won't be out for very long since he is only one and he will probably get a little tired after going to a couple of houses but I think it will be a fun experience, and we will take lots of pictures so he can look back at them in the future. We are still working on helping him get use to his hat.


For some reason when I tell people that the baby is due in December it still feels like it's far away, but when I say that she will be here in two months...that makes it seem like it's so close! I am so excited to see what she will look like. This pregnancy has been great but recently I have not being able to sleep well at night, I guess I am at that stage when my body is so uncomfortable that I cannot sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning!....I sure need my rest though because the next morning is just as busy as the day before, hopefully I will start sleeping better but I am thinking that won't happen until Vanessa is born...and even then it won't happen because she will be waking up several times at night to eat...I guess it's all part of being a parent. We truly are so grateful for the wonderful blessings our Heavenly Father has given us as a family, having another child is a HUGE blessing for us and even though it will come with many challenges we are so grateful that we are able to go through those good and bad experiences together as a couple.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Toddler Laws of Property (DANNY)

1) If I touch it, it's mine
2) If I want it, it's mine
3) If It's yours, it's mine
4) If I look at it, it's mine
5) If I think it's mine, it's mine

Friday, September 11, 2009

Late Update

I has been a while since I posted something on this page, my life has gotten busier since we moved to Utah, first we had to do all the packing, then we unpacked, shortly after we had to pack again for our family trip to Colorado, then we came back to Utah and 2 weeks after my parents bought a house and we had to pack and unpack all over again. Their new house is great, it has three floors so as you can imagine Danny has me going up and down the stairs all day long, and of course the bigger the house the more messes I have to clean up. Danny sure loves the big space though. He still doesn't talk much, his new favorite thing to say is "evin!" (Kevin-my younger brother) I think Danny thinks of him as his best friend and brother. He gets really excited when Kevin comes home from school. It has been really nice staying at my parents house, it's great having the extra help when needed.
For those who have met Danny you know that he almost never stays still, now that he is getting older he has more energy than ever and has found plenty of ways to let us know when he is happy or upset. He laughs more and he can actually entertain himself a little better now, I can tell that his imagination in growing. He also loves to shout across the room any sounds he can think of making. Sometimes he will yell something and find it so hilarious and he just laughs and laughs, it is so funny to watch him do things like that. I love seeing him grow and learn new skills, he can run pretty fast now, I remember a while back that a day or two after he learned how to walk he was already trying to run! I couldn't believe it. I think most parents don't want their kids to grow so fast but I am glad that Danny is getting older and exploring more and I think that he has more fun now that he is able to climb big rock and run really fast and go up and down the stairs. It is impossible to keep our babies from growing but I do try to be the best mother I can be for him everyday. I love being a mom and I am so excited to become a mom of 2!
So after our last visit to the doctor we are now for sure of the due date.....December 24! I can't believe I only have 3 months left, I am getting a little nervous but at the same time I just want to hold her and love her. We are seriously thinking of getting induced a little earlier but we will see what happens as we get closer to the due date. I guess I should mention that we are naming her Vanessa Hinkson, no middle name, unless we think of a great one but we don't think middle names are that important.
Also, Daniel started student teaching a couple weeks ago and he loves being there and he is enjoying his internship, I am glad he picked the career of his dreams and that he has no regrets.
Here are some pictures of Danny and my growing belly.

*BUSTED! I found him eating chocolates that my cousin Carlos brought us from Peru.

*He loves baby sister's bassinet

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daniel's Graduation Day!

Today has been a great day for all of us, but specially for Daniel. He is a hard worker that has many goals and ambitions for his life; there are so many things I love about Daniel but one of them is that he loves learning and he is excited to finally start working with his degree. We are all so happy today....HE GRADUATED FROM BYU IDAHO!..... so we went out and took some pictures at the school garden, after that we went home to get changed and went to the water park! it was so refreshing to touch the cold water because today is a really hot day! Once we were done at the park, we went to get some yummy ice cream at coldstones to celebrate Daniel's graduation. We wished we could of shared this moment with all of our families but that's why we took plenty of pictures, for everybody to see a little glimpse of how happy we feel today.

Daniel's BIG DAY

Father and son, don't they look adorable?!

Family picture

Daniel looking good!

Danny and mom

We are a happy family!

This is me trying to look good like Daniel

Daniel and Danny playing at the water park