Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Birthday!

I have not had a birthday on a Sunday for a long time, but it was a very peaceful regular Sunday, it was so nice to be surrounded by the people I love. Thank you everybody for a wonderful weekend!

*This video makes me laugh because I think everybody is only concentrated on fact, I am 99% sure that they were singing happy birthday to him not me! haha.

Baby Shower

I had a great baby shower on Saturday! My sister Karen planned it all, and with the help of my mom and my sister Melanie they made it into the funnest baby shower ever. Here are some pictures:


I know I am posting these pictures a little late but I wanted you to see some Halloween pictures of Danny. We went to the mall this year and it went well, except for the part when Danny realized that he did in fact have candy in his Halloween basket and wanted to eat all of it, so after a couple of stores he got really fussy and we went back home but at least we can tell him and show him that he did in fact have his first Halloween when he was one year old!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

An important Birthday

I just wanted to wish my wife a very happy birthday. Love, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You make me happy. There is nothing more valuable to me than my little family and I would do anything for you. Anyways, for your birthday I wrote you a sonnet. It's no Shakespeare, but I hope it conveys the way I feel about you.

November 8th

By Daniel Hinkson

It’s your birthday today, November eighth;
A day I’ve grown fond of and contemplate.
For at this time twenty-one years ago,
A child was born I’d come to love and know.
I could not imagine more perfect love;
We share what many can only dream of.
The celebration of your day of birth
Merits much more than one day on this earth.
Women like you do so much for us all,
Years wouldn’t do to commemorate y’all.
This I confess, every God-given day,
I am so grateful that you came my way,
And gave me your hand in holy marriage,
Soul-mate of mine, how blessed is my voyage.