Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

We went to Colorado to spend Christmas with Dan's side of the family, the kids really had a good time being in a new place, playing with cousins, and getting lots of presents! just wish the kids would of slept good and I also wish I didn't have to get really sick (7 days out of or 10day trip!). We were bummed Grandpa Wynn wasn't able to make it but we though about him a lot during our trip. Thank you Judy for letting us stay at your home and for all the delicious meals you made for our family.

One of the best parts of the trip was able to visit Michael's grave (Daniel's brother), we didn't stay for very long because it was a cold windy day, yet it was nice being able to be there and to remember him for all the good things he did for us every time we came to visit, he was very loving and always put family first. We miss him.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I was going through all the pictures we have on our computer and I found these pictures! He was so tiny. It's crazy to think he is already two and a half years old.

No more naps

I would like to sadly announce that Danny no longer takes naps.. yes, this is sad. That means I don't get a break until Dan comes home from work at night.
On a good note, I have more pictures for you all.
*These pictures are of her actual birthday Dec. 6, the poor thing had a really rough day, she was grumpy all day and her and Danny fought all day (that's why she has bruises on her forehead, sad) but she did enjoy left over cake from the night before!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday pictures

Here are some pictures of her b-day party, my sister also put them on my facebook wall, so you can check there too (there are more pictures on facebook). I'm in a hurry so I will only be able to post a couple right now.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Ne is officially one year old today, I know you all want to see pictures of her b-day party, but my sister took most of the pictures with her camera, so you will just have to be a little patient. I will post as soon as I have them, promise.

Dear Nessa girl:

You know me, I am not one to brag or talk about all the great and amazing things that happen in my life. I like to keep those moments sacred and personal.. but I have no problem letting the world know, that I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. When I was laying in the hospital bed, I was so excited that you were coming soon that I couldn't stop talking, I think most of the things I was talking about didn't make much sense. I remember that I kept telling your dad "I'm so excited! are you excited?! I'm excited!". I was dilated to an 8 1/2 and my doctor was still not there so I started laughing and I told the nurses if it was possible to change to a different doctor last minute, your dad and everybody in the room was laughing (what a silly request they probably thought), there I was cracking up jokes left and right and I was in pain at the same time, you were coming out soon and the doctor was not with me. Of course, he did get there in time and on my last push I told him "I can't push any more!" and he said: "well the baby is already out!" You were so tiny, just a little over 6pounds, just a small little pea. Your dad was beyond proud when he first held you. You are his little princess.
Ne, I don't wear high heels very often, and I am not super girly, and sometimes I don't do my make up everyday, I feel comfortable just putting my hair up and jumping and dancing with you and your brother. But when you get older and if you like wearing heels, and want to be super girly, I will be right with you, shopping and doing all the girly things you want to do. You are my baby girl, and I know we will always be close. We might have disagreements in the future because we are both girls living in the same roof and its bound to happen... we might argue about who's red nail polish it really belongs to.. but that will never change how much I love you. Me and you are going to be best friends for all eternity. Happy 1st birthday little one.

Love, Mami.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My own personal Holiday plan

Here is my plan, work out daily except Sundays, loose a couple of pounds, and if/when I gain pounds during Christmas break, it's ok! it will be like I never gained or lost any, that's my holiday plan. It's perfect right???