Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our new baby

We have a new baby!!! it's a water turtle and his name is Charlie. A friend of mine and I went to a flea market they had at BYU-I. We thought it would be fun to check it out and see if we could find anything for our babies or for ourselves. And as soon as I saw the tank with a ton of baby water turtles I felt in love immediately and got one! I came home and SURPRISED Daniel, he was a bit shock for a little while, probably thinking that maybe one day I will bring a dog home and not ask him about it first........No worries Daniel, I would never do that, but this cute little thing is so adorable, I think it will keep me from wanting another child for a while hahaha. Although this baby doesn't smile at me or yells at me, or bites me or pees on me, I love him very much, and believe it or not Daniel is also getting attached to Charlie and we have only had him for a day! I got him a tank and he is a happy little fella swimming and playing. Sometimes we get him out and let him run around, he is pretty fast, of course we don't do that when Danny is around, and we make sure to wash our hands pretty darn good, not to mention cleaning the place he was crawling around. Anyways, some people will probably think we are crazy to have one but we are enjoying it 100% I feel like a mom all over again!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adorable 8 months old Danny

For some reason his hyper time of the day is about an hour or so before bed time, which it's nice because it wears him out and usually he will sleep throughout the night. I needed to get dishes done and I need him to stay in the living room so I got out a bag that had a ton of straws, it was closed to I figured he would just shake it and enjoy the noise it made, but I guess he shook it hard enough for all the straws to go all over the place! he sure enjoyed it.


This video looks a little blurry, maybe because the room was dark, I filmed it just before bedtime so his eyes look a little puffy.

OK so on this video you can actually see some of his teeth!!(watch carefully) It has been hard trying to take a picture of his teeth because his gums don't really show all that much when he smiles, according to Daniel that means he will have a killing smile haha. Anyways, Enjoy some home clips of our little wild thing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nuestro Dia del Amor!

It was perfect. My sister Karen and her husband Michael drove Danny and I back to Idaho to spend the weekend with us. We got back on Saturday, just in time for Valentines! I saw Daniel and I felt like I hadn't seen him for months, a warm and overwhelming feeling took over me when he kissed me and gave me a big tight hug (it's funny how two weeks seemed an eternity for us) That night we all went to eat at a Italian restaurant (Corino's) the food was good but what was even better was the good company. Karen and Michael are a lovely couple and they show their love all the time all day long, It makes me so happy to see them so in love and to see how much they enjoy each other. Daniel got me some flowers, a gift card to Khol's ( my favorite store to shop), a heart basket that had bars soaps in shape of hearts and also rose petals, I have not used it yet but I will, I m saving it for a very stressful or tiring day! oh Daniel is so amazing, he got me this big box of chocolates yum yum! and the best part.....her it comes!!!!! A GIFT CARD TO A SPA!!!! I know! I was like WHAT?! I have never been to one so I m excited, I think I will go sometime this week, I can't wait. The sweetest husband ever right? Daniel got a shirt and tie that he absolutely loves! So we had a pretty amazing weekend.

But I guess I better start writing about what people really want to know : Updates on Danny! Well, our little wild thing is crawling super fast, if I get down on the floor with him he will chase me as fast as he can, it is super cute, he looks like a baby gorilla when he crawls, all chubby and all. But speaking of chubby, he has gotten taller so he does not look as chunky. He has more energy then ever, and he definitely likes a challenge, he will climb anything and anybody to get to what he wants. He is really into playing with the kitchen drawers and sadly he has closed his finger by doing that, we have to keep an eye on our little man all the time because the couple of seconds that we go to another room it is more tnan enough time for Danny to do something that stops mama's heart. He can walk pretty good when we hold both of his little hands so we think he will most likely learn to walk before he turns a year old. Let's see what else..oh yes, he loves to play with Daddy's movies and just two days ago he discovered where the toilet paper is and found it hysterical to pull all the paper down haha so now we have a stash of toilet paper in a corner we didn't want to waste it and throw it away. I guess besides the fact that he is teething super fast the latest news will be that he can climb up the stairs!! he learned it all on his own while we were staying at my parent's place, he does it without help, but it scared me so I stayed right behind him while he played, but I don't have to worry about stairs at our apartment. He is growing fast and we can't wait for the Hinkson family so see him. We are taking a vacation and going to Colorado to visit Daniel's family. We are so excited to see them and for them to get to know our son better, see you all in three weeks!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New hair like?

I cut my bangs about a week ago and I really like it because it's different and because Daniel loves it! I love doing something different to my hair, but my next goal is to have it long and curly again. I am in Utah again with danny, but this time is not just for a fun visit, I got all of my wisdom teeth out yesturday, I woke up several times last night because of the was a long night but the great news is that Danny slept throughout the night! I coudn't believe it, I m ok if he doesn't do it again tonight, but last night I really needed him to sleep good and he did.

(Grandpa Gerardo and Danny are all ready for church)

Danny had a crazy hair day today, his hair won't come down with anything hahaha he looks so cute, and not to mention that he is teething fast and I can't wait to take a picture of him with his adorable teeth once they come down a bit more.