Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Morning

This is what we did for fun Saturday morning: we played outside, took some pictures, Danny had a blast making a mess but hated it when mom discovered what he did and she put all his "toys" away and said "no"... that really made him upset and his new thing is to lay on his tummy when we say "no" and fuss for a little bit. we also went on a walk, read some books, made more messes, Danny made a lot of lion noises, screamed papa pretty much all morning long and my favorite part is when we both went for a nap!

He loves to play outside


Friday, April 24, 2009


I don't have enough words to explain how happy we are about having another child. We have been so blessed since we got married and this is a BIG blessing for us, to be pregnant again, to give this baby lots of care and love. Danny has changed my life for the better, he has made me a better person, a more patient and loving women, my love for my little guy is so big and so endless I am not sure how i will share that with a new baby, but I am sure that when I have our new baby in my arms I will feel the same love, and I will feel like a more complete person. Daniel is beyond excited about me being pregnant again, I don't even know were to start....his eyes are filled with joy when we talk about it, he even bought a few things for the new baby stuff I might add, he really wants a girl, and we both do, be would love a baby girl but at the same time we would love to have another boy so him and Danny can have more things in common, but no matter what the sex of the baby will be we will receive this baby with open arms and with a big kiss. When Daniel and I found out I was pregnant again it got me thinking what a miracle it is to be blessed with children, what a miracle it is to hold a human being in my body for 9mo. So far my pregnancy symptoms have been wonderful, I just feel some cramps once in a while and I am a little tired, I love it! when I was pregnant with Danny I always felt sick, we hope that I am able to feel this great throughout the whole thing, I started going to gym before trying to get pregnant again and I have kept it up so far, I go 3 times a week, and by just doing that it gives me more energy through out the day.
We are excited for the summer, for afternoon walks, for playtime at the park with Danny, for picnics, for going to the lake, to wear cute pregnancy clothes, we are specially excited for Daniel to graduate!......and let's not forget....DANNY'S BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH!! May 31st, the day that Danny was born and brought more joy to our life. Our little guy is not walking on his own quite yet, he has taken a couple of steps by himself like I mentioned last time, I can't believe he will be one year old soon, he already has 8 teeth, a ton of hair, nice chunky muscles, loves to say papa (actually he usually just yells when he says it: PAAAAPAAAAAAA), he got checked a couple days ago and his Iron level is great, he is a very content and loud boy, everybody is always telling me two things: that he is handsome and that he has a very boy deep voice for a baby....I am guessing they say that because he is usually making some kind of loud noise no matter where we are haha.
So here is a picture of me pregnant with Danny.....em I ready to be this big again?...I remember feeling at this point that my belling button was going to pop out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yay Danny!

Danny learned his second word today: Mama! of course it made me so happy to hear that word from his little mouth, I love you baby boy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Danny’s first word: Papá!

Bravo! Danny finally said his first word, before he would just say: wawawa..and then scream WA! In rare occasions he would try to say something with an M, but he has gotten his p's down for a while so I figured we might as well work on the word papá! Daniel had an hour break from work so he came to eat dinner with us, after we got done eating we were all playing on the floor wrestling my big teddy bear that Daniel got me for valentine's when we were dating, anyways so then I said: "Danny di papá"...and sure enough he said it perfectly with the accent on the last pá! and every time I asked him to say it he would look at Daniel and say papá or papapá. By the time we got it on our camera he was way to entertained with the teddy bear to pay us much attention, but on the second video he almost does it like he did it the first couple of times, so we hope you enjoy a short clip of our smart and adorable little son!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How blessed I am to be a mother

I don't have enough words to describe how blessed I am to be a mother. Danny brings so much joy to our home, he has made big changes in me. I love Danny so much, and I wish he wouldn't grow up so fast, I want him to be my baby Danny for ever! and to need me for almost everything. I found a song that says exactly how I feel about Danny:
Contigo el cielo se vuelve mas claro, se pintan las nubes de blanco y el sol vuelve a sonrreir. Solo contigo el tiempo cobro un sentido y hoy que estas aqui conmigo.. se bien, mi vida nacio contigo.
Contigo las horas se pasan de largo, tus hojos me llanan de encanto y la luna brilla porti. Solo contigo mis risas tienen sentido y hoy que estas aqui, comingo... se bien, mi vida nacio con tigo.
Y se que tienes un corazon valiente un alma fuerte y se que caminaras sin miedo entre la gente, y se tambien si un mal llega a sorprenderte no temas porque tendras porsiempre...mi amor para protegerte.