Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Sunday evening

Hugging and brushing their teeth at the same time :)

She loves....

Vanessa LOVES her blanket, she never goes anywhere without her favorite blanket, we take it to church, to the park, when we visit family or friends, we take it when we go shopping... you get my point.  Oh and she NEVER sleeps without that thing, EVER! we tried giving her other blankets to sleep with, specially if I didn't get to finish the laundry before their bed time.... but she will rather sleep with her blanket soaking wet than to not sleep with it at all.

Hanging out with aunt Karen

Last week we went over to my sister's place and the kids had a blast.. they always do! They love visiting their cousin Naomi. 

Can you believe this cute little boy goes to preschool?! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

We lost our camera

We haven't been able to find our camera for weeks now.  I have come to the conclusion that we have for ever lost it.  I am so bummed about it, we will just have to use our phones to take pictures until we can afford another one :(

-Here are some pictures that I have taken with my phone lately:

 Left: 4 months old, Right: 21 montths old

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am truly sorry! I haven't posted anything for a little while.  Let's see.. Danny loves saying "stinky butt" all the time, he is so good about saying thank you, please, you are welcome, and sorry.  He is such a good boy, Nessa girl is also talking lots, since she hears him say those words often she is starting to say them often too! isn't that great?! I feel so blessed to have the family that I have.  Being a mom is such a hard job, and at the same time, I can't imagine not being a mom to Danny and Vanessa, they are my everything, they are always my priority, always, always.  I love them so much, and it's nice to be at a point were I also love my self enough to treat my self once in a while, to get a break from being at home with the kids, it's nice to go out with friends sometimes and take care of my self.  I postponed a lot of goal I have in my life for them and I don't regret it one bit.  I still plan on accomplishing my goals, I feel like if I feel fulfilled as a person, I will be a better mom and be a better example for my kids.  Sometimes people think that being a mom means you have to give up your dreams and that is not true.  Being a mom is a big blessing and a big job.. it's the MOST important job you can ever have.  Heavenly Father trusted me with these children and I will take care of them and love them like he would want me to.  I also feel so blessed to have a loving husband, I know that no matter what he will always be there for me.  He is such a special husband, he really understands me and loves me for who I am.  What a lucky person  I am to have Daniel and my children in my life.

The kids are growing up so fast and I love it! I love seeing them mature and learn new things, I love playing with Vanessa's hair, it's getting longer slowly :) She is so beautiful! ... but sometimes beauty does hurt, for example: When people see her, they see her gorgeous curly locks and her cute outfits and her sweet little face and they just want to touch her and talk to her and hold her and Vanessa HATES it! all she wants to do is be left alone! hahaha.  She is totally fine being around my family, but anybody else, even some of my friends that she sees often, she does not want anything to do with anybody, specially people that she has just met for the first time.  Sometimes when people come over and talk to her she just closes her eyes and turns her head the other way and completely ignores them (so much attitude for a one year old don't ya think?)  I feel bad because I don't want to make people feel bad and tell them to go away, and I also feel bad for Vanessa who does not like being the main of attention.  It's a dilemma I deal with on a daily basis :) I think it's kind of funny and kind of not! I feel like I just have to tell people that "she just woke up from a nap so she is a little cranky, sorry.." do you know what I mean?! is like.. what do I do? haha being a mom is so fun.  Now that she is getting older I feel like it's more fun to dress her up and do her hair and all that fun stuff.  It's so nice having another girl around.  Of course, Vanessa is Daniel's princess, he melts for her.  She has her attitude but at the same time she is such a little sweetheart! girls are just good at being both things I guess ;)

Danny started preschool and he loves it so much! the days that he doesn't go to school he is asking me at least 5 times a day if he can go play with the boys and go to school.  I am so so so happy that he is so good at going potty.  I swear, that was one of the most challenging things I have had to do as a mom so far.. to potty train him, because somehow you are suppose to teach him where to pee and poo and also be his cheerleader and clean up after him when he has accidents and try to maintain a positive attitude so that the whole thing can be a good experience for him... it's a lot harder than it sounds.  If anybody knows of a "potty training camp" in Utah let me know, I will sign Vanessa up in a second :)
Danny has always been a very loving loving boy, he tells Daniel and I that he loves us all the time, and I love hearing him say it to other people too.  He just says it without us always saying it first, and I think it's great!  He really is such a special little boy.  People always say that "no one knows you like your own mother does" and I think it's true.  I don't know how to explain it, but Danny has such a sweet little spirit, he is full of life and he is so energetic and he is always so happy.  The hugs he gives me really mets my heart, he hugs me with so much love even if the hug only lasts for 4 seconds.  One of my favorite things that I love to hear from him is when he sees that his sister got hurt or even when I just trip on something, he always asks "are you ok?" I love hearing that.  I hope to live a long long time so that I can always be there for him and Vanessa.
I think every morning I say "I m tired" and this whole week Danny has come up to me at least twice a day and pretends to yawn and tells me " ma! I'm tired" haha.  I love hearing him talk more and I think that pre school is helping, he gets to be around other kids, he gets to learn new things and the best part is that this preschool is BILINGUAL! they re enforce Spanish and I couldn't be happier.

Here are some pictures of our kids from the past two weeks: