Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorry guys

Sorry Guys, "Part 2" is not going to work out, it was videos of the kids from "Part1" but for some reason it won't upload :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



PS: Some pictures were taken with our iphones.. so that's why some are blurry.

Hello blog, today I am posting almost everything we did today.  Let's start with breakfast, I made blueberry muffins, and they loved it! Danny ate two and Ne ate One (she nibble on the second one), they had a cup of Milk and a banana, it was a good breakfast.  We got a new little table with chairs for them over the weekend and they are fascinated with it :) Danny sits on the right side of the table, he picked that spot and it is now forever his, Ne has learned that her spot in on the left, there is no way that Danny will ever let Ne sit in his chair..(at least for now).

After Breakfast I felt like dressing them up, so I tried to find color coordinated outfits for them, GORGEOUS!! 

(they were not happy that I was taking more pictures than usual, so I persuaded them with little pieces of candy.. and that explains why it looks like there is something in their mouths.. because there is!)

Once pictures were "done for the day" (that's what I told them) We sat in the couch together and I read them 3 different books.. over and over and over and over and over again.  Yes, that's how much I read today, but when you see the word over that mean 5 times, so really, I read 25 times today... did I do the right math?.. Daniel is at the gym getting all buff and sexy, so I can't ask him right now.

We had lunch, I went to Daniel's work to pick up his work laptop for him, I came back and wanted to take Danny out for a haircut, I also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to spend quality time with my only son, I took him to get a "big" popsicle, I talked to him in the car about what was going to happen to his hair and that he was going to look super GUAPO!  He seemed to really understand what I was saying, he kept telling me "cut hair, hair cut, Danny's hair", and once I told him he was going to get a balloon afterwards, his eyes got big and all he could think about after that was his balloon, not just any balloon, an "ORANGE one", he is really into that color lately. Once the hair cut was over he seemed really surprised that he did in fact get a balloon for getting a haircut, and they didn't just give him an orange balloon, they also gave him an ORANGE lollipop! look at that little face, he is thinking..."WOW"

It was a little after 5 by the time we were done, Daniel called me and asked me to get dinner so I wouldn't have to cook (LOVE THAT MAN) So we just decided to get the kids their happy meals, it really does make them HAPPY.  If it was up to them they could eat a happy meal every day, too bad for them Daniel and I care for their health and we make healthy meals for them :) but once in a while a treat is totally OK.

It was cloudy outside but Daniel really wanted to take the kids to play outside.  Danny recently learned how to ride in his his tricycle that grandma Judy got him, and now that is all he wants to do when we go outside.  Ne just likes to walk, sometimes she "runs" but her run is hilarious, she doesn't run, she walks faster but with the tip of her toes, so when she "runs" she just looks like she is walking but with a hop in every steps, and those hops make her curls go boing! boing! boing!, it's so much fun to watch.

We even got to see a pretty rainbow really close to our apartment complex... well, only Daniel and I seemed to appreciated :) 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Many reasons to LOVE July

There are so many reasons to love July, the most important reasons: we have two birthdays! My sister Melanie and her husband Jesse! they are amazing, we love them so much, I wish to always live close to them :)

We are loving this month, I take the kids on a stroller ride when Daniel is at work, last week I took them to a park, it took me an hour to get there, it was good exercise! the kids did so well, they got a nice reward.

We go to the pool a lot, we enjoy popsicles, we have had a couple pretty rainbows.  Daniel and I decided to eat salads for lunch, we started at the beginning of the summer and we have been pretty good at sticking with it.

Two days ago we went to see Harry Potter in 3D, it was a great movie!

Lets talk about Nessa Girl

Our Nessa girl is so precious, so cuddly, and a big mama's girl at the moment. Sometimes I joke about how when Ne is happy you just want to hug her and kiss those cute cheeks! but when she is naughty I am tempted to put her own Craiglist under the "free items" category. If I am in the same room/house/building, she only wants me and Daniel, she is very picky about who gets to hold her or play with her. "No" is her favorite word at the moment. She doesn't like me to do her hair as I have mention before, sometimes like today, she was totally ok with it... until I was done, and she tried to mess it up.. but I put a little bit of hairspray and her hair stood still, yes!!!
She loves being the baby, and we love knowing she is our last little baby. She is really into books, she could have me read books all day if I had the time. She also really likes shoes, necklaces, sunglasses, and she is very much in love with Woody.

Ne already has the look, or the mom look... just look at some of the pictures below and you will see what I mean.

She dances (it's so cute), her favorite food is Mac and cheese, grapes, and milk. If you call her name and tell her to "come here" or "go this way" she will most likely go the opposite direction on purpose. Sometimes when she knows she is doing something wrong and we call her name and tell her to look at us she looks the other way and pretends she is not listening to you. Her favorite TV shows are Yo Gaba Gaba, Dora, and Blue's Clues, she also enjoys watching music videos with me. She enjoys playing with her little cousin Naomi, she likes feeling like she is the oldest. If she is grumpy all you have to do is give her a hairbrush it makes her feel pretty to brush her own hair... and the results will always give you a good laugh:

So that's a little summary of Vanessa. our One year and a half girl keeps us just as busy and Danny :) and as busy as we are we are SO HAPPY with our little family,
We are so blessed to be able to raise our children with two cultures and bring to our family good things from both cultures to make a nice, happy and lovable home.
Here are more fun pictures:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Those curls are to die for!

Ok, I said I was done posting for the day, but I HAVE to show you this video, look how curly she is! just like me when I was little. Super linda mi Vanesita!

July pictures for YOU

*two weeks ago Danny was really into dressing up, he only has two costumes so he was changing from one outfit to the other all week... I loved it, it meant less laundry :)
* Danny and Nessa play so well lately (they fight less! yesssssssssssss!) We are blessed to have sweet loving children. I feel so lucky to be their mother. ps: Danny doesn't use diapers anymore, I don't know if I ever posted that so there you go!

*We have more pictures but I will post them later in the week, I think posting twice was good for today. I hope everybody is enjoying summer as much as we are (please winter, don't ever come!)

Mis Amores

Taken with my i phone, not the best quality, but it's so convenient because I always have my phone with me and not the camera, and I just downloaded a fun app so I get to do some editing on my phone, love it!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Father and Son

I love watching Daniel and Danny play, it's usually "wrestling". We love having a son!

And of course we also LOVE having a baby girl! Daniel enjoys given them plenty of love and attention. I love my family.