Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Princess!

I have been posting so many things about Danny lately, but I feel like a post about our princess is a must! Nessa is so adorable, her smile is so contegious! she loves to cuddle! I wake up every morning looking forward to it. She is growing up so fast, it doesn't feel like she will be 6 months old soon. She is still a little baby to me, so cute and petite! Ok guys, Vanessa is so CLOSE to crawling! she is just as amazing as her big brother when he was little, always so active, always so quick to develop physically. She has been sitting up really well for a month now. She is so quick to grasp anything that is close to her, and of course, everything she grabs goes to her brother like sister! Oh just thinking of her makes me want to wake her up and cuddle with her in bed.

*Abuelita Ana playing with Nessa

*Abuelito Gerardo loves to take pictures with Nessa

* You will not believe this: I was playing with Vanessa in the living room, and Danny comes and brings me the basket where Vanessa's diapers go, I tell him: "Danny that's Vanessa's", "Ne?" he asks. "Yes, Ne" I told him. So I go to his room to see where he had hidden Vanessa's diapers, because when ever the basket is empty, he usually hides the diaper in his drawers, under his bed, or in his closset. I come back, and I don't see Vanessa. At first I thought she probably rolled to a different part of the apartment (she seriously does that! it's hilarious, she goes from her back to her tummy and so on until she hits a wall or the couch and can't go any further), but I still couldn't find her, than I thought, oh! I probably set her down on her crib and just couldn't remember, I start walking towards my room and I realized that I knew for sure I left her on the living room floor playing with Danny.......DANNY!! I called Danny's name and he runs towards me with a huge smile on his face, I said: "Danny, donde esta Vanessa?", "NE!!!" he screams with excitement and runs to the kitchen and bring me.....Vanessa! sitting on her diaper basket! He had, some how ( he is so strong) got her on that basket and pushed her to the kitchen and left her there. I couldn't believe it, part of me was speechless, but I also couldn't help to laugh! what in the world?! I don't even understand how he could do all of that so fast, I wasn't gone for that long at all. And Vanessa was so good and content the whole time, enjoying her ride. Moral of the story is: Don't leave Danny in a room for too in, no more than 50 seconds. I had to run and grab the camera, I wanted to make sure I always remembered this experience. And I want to show them the pictures when they grow up!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

The CUTEST almost two year old boy in the world!

Want to get to know Danny a little more?

Danny knows he is not allowed to kill flowers. I guess he figured that since these are not "flowers" it would be ok to teach them a lesson for being on his property.

Danny knows the bouncer is only for Vanessa. And now you know why the bouncer's seat touches the floor even when Vanessa is not in it.

Is funny to remember how Danny hated naps when he was younger... Now a days we have a hard time getting him to wake up sometimes.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Danny..

Perhaps there are some parents that think this would be funny or "cute". I hear people saying all the time to enjoy these moments because they grow so fast. I will miss my babies being little...I will not miss the mess. This isn't a complain post, it's just me sharing one of those " oh Danny" stories....and believe me I have plenty of those. Imagine trying to carry him to the bathroom and noodles are falling out of his sleeves, pants, hair, feet, Vanessa is screaming because she is hungry, I have orange spots on the carpet, plus a very nice orange/red greasy floor. I leave Danny in the bathtub for not even 30 seconds to get Vanessa and next thing I know, the floor is completely, not wet, flooded. I know Danny likes splashing when he is in the bath tub...but I didn't know he could make waves! Anyway, I thought some of you might get a laugh out of this, so enjoy these pictures of our Danny

Please click on the pictures to see how wet the floor really is..

*Oh Danny.....I love you. Good thing we did laundry the day before so there was plenty of towels to clean up the floor with.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

All about Danny

This month is all about Danny. I just can't stop posting things about him, I still can't believe he will be turning two this month. He is so fast at running, so perhaps he will do track or cross country later on in life....., Daniel would love that because he did both sports in high school. Danny is also a very good big brother. Lately he thinks that Vanessa is old enough to play rough.......she doesn't appreciate that very much. But when ever she cries or wakes up from a nap he is the first one to let me know : "Ne Ne Ne Ne Neeee!" It's funny how that is the only part of her name that he wants or can say.
He is still a little dancer, his favorite cartoon is Yo Gaba-Gaba, because the whole time they are singing and DANCING!
My sweet boy loves to give me kisses, even when I am too busy to bend down for him to give me one, he insists that I must let him give me some love. I think it's great, it makes up for when he was a baby and never ever wanted to cuddle with me hahaha.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Danny boy

Our baby is turning two on the 31st of this month! It's crazy how fast they grow. For the past two weeks I have been trying to teach him how to pray, so I would say a prayer before each meal and at first he would just look at me, but yesterday he finally understood what he needed to do when someone is offering a prayer. I am so proud of him. We are having an indoor pool party for his birthday, we have invited some of his little friends, but it will mostly family. I really think he will enjoy it.

..He couldn't wait until the prayer was you see him chewing on something in this video? haha

My sister Melanie and Danny

He is all grown up :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so blessed to have my two babies in my life! I love them so much. Happy Mother's day to all the moms in the world! Our jobs are not easy, but we sure LOVE it!