Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back on track?

Here we are! I haven't posted for a while, it seemed like my life was busy enough but right after December things have become even busier at home. I got a part time as a Spanish teacher assistant and I LOVE IT! it's a fun job, and when I have to sub for any of the Spanish teacher all of the kids take me seriously and obey everything I ask them to do... maybe I have a mean hispanic look when I am serious? or is it my "mom look"? whatever it is, they always seem to listened to me better than their own teachers. It's just 10 hours a week, so I still have plenty of time to spend with the kids, and to do all the other things mom and wives do at home... That's a lie. Laundry has become a challenge at home since I started working, plus this is the first post since our Christmas post.... and there are some updates I should tell you all.
The first one, I am pregnant, although I already post it on facebook, I figured I should post it on here, to make it even more official. 14 weeks pregnant you guys, it's insane, we definitely did not planned it, those who knows us well knew we just wanted two kids, yeah we know that's not a "normal" number in our mormon community, but that's what we wanted, so I guess Heavenly Father had a different plan for us, because no matter how careful we were.. here we are again, expecting a little baby who should come beginning of Aug. maybe end of July? I had a dream it was a boy, so maybe Danny will get a little brother to play with, that would be great! Even though Danny is the most challenging kid to keep in control, I do want a boy more than a girl.. don't ask me why. If we have a little girl, that would be good too, then Nessa will have a best friend to play with. We have not thought about any girl names, but If it is a boy Daniel and are naming him Michael Jay Hinkson (after Daniel's brother who past away last year). If you were wondering why we didn't tell people right away when we found out I was pregnant, it's because we were in shock for a while.. well, I was :) I can't lie and say that I am static about the idea of having 3 little ones so close in age, BUT I am grateful that Heavenly Father thinks I am a good enough mother to send me a third baby to take care of. And I am specially grateful for all the support Daniel has given me since we found out about this pregnancy, he has been beyond wonderful and so positive, it's been great! plus it helps that my parent and my whole family has been so happy for me and have offered me their help and support.

On to other things...
Danny talks lots, and we LOVE IT! He is shy around people he doesn't see often and usually tries to baby talk around them, but when we are at home he is a great talker, and Nessa keeps up with him! she is saying all kinds of words too. Nessa is walking, but still rather crawl, she goes up and down the stairs so quick, it always makes Daniel a little nervous, but Nessa is very careful with anything she does, always looking behind her to see how many more steps she has left to go. She is always wanting to cuddle with me, she is a sweetheart. Luckily, Danny doesn't bother her sister as his pastime as much anymore (knock on wood!) which means things have been more peaceful at home.

I would LOVE to tell you that I am back on track and that I will doing lots of posts... but all I can say is that I will do what I can :)