Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bath time memories

I must be insane, it is 1:30 in the morning and I need to wake up at 5:30! I just had to post this picture of our sweet Nessa girl.  I took this in January.
ps: Can you guys believe that summer is almost here???? WAHOOOO!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello faithful blog followers,  working 30 ish hours a week and taking care of my little ones has left me with limited free time!  Starting next week I will be working much less, hooray!  You know what that means.. more blogging!

Life is fantastic right now.  The kids LOVE going to preschool, Danny has found that he really enjoys singing, his favorite songs to sing are: Twinkle little star, abc's, The wheels on the bus and  Head-shoulder-knees-and toes (in Spanish too!).  Danny and Vanessa love playing together (what?!) yes, they really do (knock on wood a million times!)  They still fight of course, they wouldn't be siblings if they didn't have an occasional fight right?  They enjoy pretending that a "ghost" is going to get them or a "monster".. they really enjoy pretending that something is "scary".. But they don't quiet understand the concept of being scared I don't think.
Danny:  He is just a sweetheart and a future heart breaker.  His laugh is contagious! we LOVE making him laugh.  He is growing up so fast... specially his feet! he only has 2 pair of shoes that fit him.. I guess that means we need to go on a shopping spree!!!!! (wink, wink Daniel)   Danny is the most grateful toddler I have ever met.  He is always saying thank you.  He even tells me "thank you mami" when I mop the floor! I enjoy hearing him say "thank you", "you are welcome", "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!" and specially when he says "WOW, thank you mami, I like it, I LOVE it!!!!!!!" but boy does he melt my heart when he says "oh Thank you mami, thank you sooooooooo much" He says other cute things like "wow, that's cute" when I get dressed for work or for church... or just when he thinks I look good which is very often.

Vanessa:  This litte turkey is a handful.  Right now she is OBSSED with SHOES! she even wants to sleep with shoes on and throws the biggest tantrum when you take them off.  She will only wear one pair of shoe for the entire week.. or 2.. or 3... yes, I said 3.  After a week or two or three she will choose a different pair of shoe to be obsess with for the week.  Oh!.. and don't you dare try to help her put her shoes on.. uh uh, no way.  She has to do it all by herself, it's her way or the highway, and you can quote me on that anytime ;)  That's her kind of attitude for most things.  You know... I always thought girls were difficult and sometimes over the top dramatic, but nothing could of prepared me for this hahahahaha.  Seriously.  Vanessa also enjoys dancing (twirling, jumping, spinning, shaking her bum, flipping her arms like a bird,  shaking her head like a maraca, and stomping).  She will always remind you that this or that "is Nessa's".  She is still very much attached to her baby blanket.  She LOVES to give us very tight, big hugs, and kisses.  She gets really really really excited when you tell her you will put on one of her favorite movies (depends on the day) or if you tell her you will give her vitamins (gotta love gummy bear vitamins).  She likes playing rough (probably because he sees his older brother having fun when the wrestles with mommy and daddy), but if she actually gets hurt the world is over for her.  She is totally ok with me doing her hair now! woohoo!  and once I am done she will ask me to spray some perfume on her ( is she a little girl or what? :))

After 6 long months my Dad came to visit us for two weeks.  We enjoyed every second he was with us.  The kids go bananas for him! he is such a FUN grandpa.  I took him to the airport this morning, it was a bitter goodbye, but he will be back in August and we are looking forward to his return.

We had a lovely Easter.  That week and weekend was a little chaotic for me and I didn't have time to buy their Easter outfits in time for Easter but I will be taking pictures of them with their cute outfits next week and as soon as I do I will post them. Promise.

Ps:  Did you know my sister Melanie had her first baby?  She is beyond beautiful.  Her name is Mia Ana Yeats.